A Holiday Activity!

A Book About Me
Adapted from The Creative Curriculum LearningGames
Your book tells a lot about you. Encourage your child to save items that are important to him, and help him put them in a book. Your child can use the book to share important aspects of his life with friends and family.
Why this is important
Your child knows many different facts about himself. You can help him bring those facts together in a book. Collecting personal items in a book gives your child a reason to feel proud. This book also provides a resource that your child can review again at any time and may be a source of identity and security for your child.
What you do
Help your child collect items that represent his favorite things. For example, You like peaches so much. Let’s save the label from this basket of peaches.
Encourage him to set aside special mementos. For example, these could include a leaf from his favorite climbing tree, one of his drawings, or a postcard he receives.
Fasten together several sheets of construction paper to make a book.
Add a title to the cover, such as A Book About Jon, or ask your child what he would like to call his book.
Invite him to decorate the cover of the book. Let your child attach the mementos to each page using glue or tape.
Talk about each page as he assembles it: This page reminds me that your Grandma loves you and writes to you. And this shows how much you like to draw with your crayons.
Make sure to include empty pages in the book so that he can add more items later.
Another idea: Encourage your child to share his album with friends and family. Write a few simple words next to a picture such as My pet dog or I found a leaf. He may not use many words to describe each page, but he will enjoy sharing his life with others. Invite family members to ask him questions about his book. 
Let’s read together: Take a trip to the library and see what great books you can find together. We love I like Me! by Nancy Carlson.