Diaper Need = Family Need

Diapers, such a basic need for the infants.. But this basic need is costly for so many families in our community. Did you know that diapers cost on average of $70 – $80 a month per baby but no state or federal programs help families buy the 3,000 to 5,000 diapers a baby needs each year? Children not changed frequently are susceptible to diaper rash and infection often needing medical attention.

The Resource Center sees Prince George’s County families on a daily basis. We see families that struggle to do the best for their babies but either leave the children in diapers too long or even worse, dry the diaper and reuse. Our babies deserve better!

Six months ago the Resource Center resolved to address the problem. We contacted and joined a national organization, National Diaper Bank Network, who generously shared their experience and knowledge with us. We approached Wal-Mart and were awarded a generous start up grant. Our former board member Harvey Maisel offered storage space in E Z Storage and we were ready to go.

Clearly we tapped into a tremendous need. Since we started the Prince George’s Child Resource Center’s Diaper Bank we have distributed over 6,000 diapers. Each week the number of requests from low income and families in crisis increase.

What can you do to help?
• bring a box of diapers to our Adelphi/Langley Family Support Center
• become a “Diaper Ambassador” and arrange a diaper drive with your book club, church, or next gathering
• follow the generous example of Jennifer Love who asked her guests to bring donations to her baby shower. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Diaper Bank Blog 2

If you want to make a difference in an infant’s life, please contact Danitza Simpson at dsimpson@pgcrc.org or 301.431.6210. Every baby deserves to be healthy…. and dry.


Marti Worshtil
Executive Director