Funding for child care centers and family child care homes: stabilization grants available

Congress approved the American Rescue Plan in March 2021 and it included $24 billion in a new child care stabilization grant fund. These dollars were distributed to the states, and it includes over $309 million for Maryland to use to create our version of stabilization grants. What that means is, state leaders have lots of choices, even under what the federal law says.

Here’s what Maryland state leaders chose to do:

  • All licensed child care providers are eligible (even if you don’t enroll subsidy/scholarship families and even if you aren’t in Maryland EXCELS) as long as you were open and licensed by March 11, 2021.
    • If you’re temporarily still closed due to COVID, you can apply too to help get your program open by September 1! But if you’re a brand new program that opened this spring or summer or you’re looking to open a brand new program, you are not eligible for this funding support.
  • It is a grant to each program, so the program as a whole will apply (a center owner or director, or a family child care provider) to receive $15,000 plus an additional $300 for every licensed slot.
    • So, not based on today’s enrollment but based on what is says on your license – are you licensed for 8? For 58? For 108? It will be $300 times your licensed capacity, in addition to the base $15,000 amount.
    • The grants are not a competition. Everyone who applies will be funded.
  • Funds should be used from September 6, 2021 to March 6, 2022.

Application action steps:

  1. On July 13, MSDE released the application and other details including this important Frequently Asked Questions document that we encourage you to read:
  2. Please print and fill out this worksheet first so you’re prepared for the online application: This document is only for your reference and is not to be sent to MSDE, but will help you think about what to say in your application and it is a good step to take.
  3. Come to our Office Hours via Zoom if you want to talk about your application answers, your uses of funds, or get other support! No need to register just click on the date you are interested in joining: Tuesday, July 20th & July 27th; Thursday, July 22nd & July 29th from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.
  4. Apply using the survey monkey created by MSDE that you received in email – the application deadline is August 6 at 4 PM!


If you have questions, please contact Laura Terrell as soon as possible at