The Joy of Grandparenting

What a joy! I love hearing those little voices in my life that call me grandma. For those of you lucky enough to share this experience, you know what I am talking about. Free from the daily stressors we faced as parents, grandparents can slow life down for the little ones -whether we sing a silly song, read a book again and again or just have time to discuss the important things in a child’s life.

While grandparenting seems natural and intuitive much is new and important. At the Resource Center we operate the KISS program (Kids in Safety Seats) for Prince George’s County. As a grandparent I am befuddled by the endless variety of seats; convertible, booster, high backs, all are just a mystery to me. I had my carseat installed by an expert and learned how to pull those straps tight.

In terms of health issues did you know many of us need a whooping cough booster? From sleep positions to what is the preferred toddler beverage much has changed in the world of parenting. To keep abreast of these changes several local hospitals offer grandparenting classes. When my husband and I faced our first overnight we were excited and really nervous. We enrolled in the Resource Center’s CPR/First Aid class. Thank goodness we never needed our new found knowledge but it did offer a measure of comfort. If you need a carseat lesson or a CPR/First Aid class give us a call.

There are several websites that I recommend that cover not only health and safety but also the often tricky areas of differing values and beliefs. They will help you find the areas of agreement and smooth the path for a positive relationship. My best advice? Lots of hugs and kisses!


Executive Director

posted on 11/10/15