Administrative Offices

Paul Armstrong
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
Francine Bobbitt
Training Assistant
Jennifer Iverson
Executive Director
Lizbeth Lucero
Director of Finance and Administration
Yenny Lucero
Development & Communications Specialist
Sheila Maness
Director of Special Programs
Karla Simpson
Program Assistant
Christopher Staton
Technical Assistance/Infant & Toddler Coordinator
Laura Terrell
Director of Training and Technical Assistance

Home-Visiting Services

Remi Arimore
Community Alignment Specialist
Nicolette Carroll
Family Support Specialist
Alberta Contee
Healthy Families Clinical Supervisor
Katya Diaz
Family Support Specialist
Fatumata Dolleh
Family Support Specialist
Cynthia Escobar
Family Support Specialist
Roxana Fuentes
Family Support Specialist
Mariela Hakans
Program Supervisor
Alyson Jacobson
Director, Healthy Families Prince George's
Diana Marriaga
Family Support Specialist
LaChey Maynard
Family Support Specialist
Hilda Saavedra
Data Specialist
Masoma Sharifi
Family Support Specialist

Family Support Center

Shanae Brockington
Child Development Specialist
Juliana Cole
Adult Education Instructor/Family Literacy Specialist
Nathalie Coward
Lucas Escano
Transportation Coordinator
Hilda Gajardo
In-home Interventionist
Bienvenida Jaimes
Child Development Assistant
Kathia James
Service Coordinator
Dessalina Roberts
Child Development Teacher