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Child Care Support Services

Child Resource Connect improves the quality of child care for children from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds through professional development and technical assistance opportunities for 2,500 early child care providers each year. We hold approximately 250 trainings for early child educators annually which cover all Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requirements for quality child care service delivery, including the 45-Hour Infant/Toddler Pre-Service Course and social-emotional trainings for both preschool age children and infants and toddlers.

We also offer more individualized coaching and technical assistance to child care providers including on-site and virtual consultations for child care centers and family child care homes. Additionally, we hired a full-time business coach in 2022 and offer intensive training for prospective child care owners and operators through small-group cohorts. These opportunities are designed to ensure that individuals have the knowledge and skills necessary to launch successful child care businesses, increase the number of available child care slots, and create high-quality child care opportunities in the communities most in-need of this critical infrastructure.

Also new in 2022, we now have three Family Resource Specialists who are dedicated to helping parents find child care that meets their needs. These team members play a critical role in helping families access the Child Care Scholarship, Maryland’s child care voucher.

Child Resource Connect is a member organization of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network with funding from the MSDE through Maryland Family Network. Our Community Programs division supports families and children through educational programs and technical assistance for the child care provider community. For information on becoming a licensed child care provider, call MSDE’s local Office of Child Care at 301.333.6940 or visit their website here.

The publication was produced as a work for hire for the benefit of and with funds from Maryland State Department of Education. 

Child Resource Connect is a member of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network with funding provided from the Maryland State Department of Education, through Maryland Family Network.