Child Resource Connect is more than just a resource hub; it serves as a formidable advocacy hub as well. Through its robust advocacy initiatives, Child Resource Connect has successfully influenced legislation and altered laws in support of children, families, and childcare providers. In addition to its legislative impact, Child Resource Connect imparts essential skills in self-advocacy and effective communication for those seeking to bring about transformative changes in the lives of individuals and families.

Our mission is to foster vibrant and healthy communities where individuals and families actively care for, support, and champion one another, while also investing in creating opportunities for the thriving of children. Your voice holds significant power, and we invite you to collaborate with us to bring about impactful, meaningful change that enhances the lives of our children and their caregivers.

JOINING VOICES represents our advocacy program, dedicated to amplifying the voices of vulnerable young children within our community. This initiative also amplifies the voices of parents and essential early childhood infrastructure, including childcare providers, through grassroots organizing and advocacy endeavors at both the state and local levels.