Celebrating Women’s History Month

Read how some of the phenomenal women at PGCRC help us reach our mission:

Dr. Susanna (Susie): “My mission as an adult education specialist is to help our participants flourish personally and professionally.”

Elena: “I always try to fulfil PGCRC’s mission with integrity, diligence and hard work.”

Mariela: “I am fulfilling our mission at the CRC by ensuring we can have a safe and educational place for families to come to with their children.”

Bivi:  “Our parent and child wellness mission is to strengthen and help create positive, emotional, and cognitive outcomes.”

Kathia: “I fulfill PGCRC’s mission by providing individualized services, supporting families reaching their goals, and connecting them to resources in the community.”

Nathalie: “One way I strive to support our mission is by connecting all of the behind the scenes dots within our varied departments and areas of focus that comprise CRC’s bigger picture, thus ensuring our impact is felt and understood by those we serve and those who support us.”

Alyson: “I support PGCRC’s home visiting teams by educating, encouraging, and evaluating.”

Hadassah: “I fulfill our mission by ensuring that finances are correctly allocated so we can make sure all program needs are met.”

Dessalina: “Helping to secure and strengthen the bond between parents, child and families through guided PACT activities.”

Tammie: “I enjoy being helpful to the community for all their startup needs!”

Mayra: “Reaching out to help families is a privilege.”

Jeniffer: “Working in the Family Support Center as the office manager, sharing resources and providing guidance to participants, and seeing their smiles when they walk through the doors is so rewarding.”

Danequa: “I fulfill our mission by my willingness to support families, teachers and providers. Most importantly the connections and relationships that are established in the classroom environment.”