Ready for action: Big Opportunities in a Bill about the Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund!

Together in Joining Voices, we believe we must value the strengths and competencies of the existing workforce. We must look at the path to certification, and this legislation is another part of that. Maryland leaders must strengthen the laws and the real options so that parents can choose what’s best for their family, and the whole community benefits from partnering with early childhood educators in child care programs.

The ideas in HB 600/SB 500, if passed and signed into law, would open much-needed opportunities for early childhood educators and the families counting on you! Check out the latest Bills We’re Watching blog for more about this legislation, including a little summary and links to the bill text.

Good news: this legislation has been approved in the Maryland Senate! The next news: this legislation is on the list for the House Ways and Means Committee hearing on March 20!

Your testimony is your story
The chance to submit written testimony online means we can be involved right from where we are! Your testimony is your story about the ways the ideas in this bill matter to you in your life and your work. How will the ideas in this bill help you or someone you know if it became law?

Sample testimony and action steps
Submitting written testimony has to happen at a specific time and in a particular way:

File:Check mark 9x9.svg - Wikipedia The House Ways and Means Committee hearing is Wednesday, March 20.

File:Check mark 9x9.svg - Wikipedia Submit your testimony online using your own MyGA account on Monday, March 18 between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM.


1.       Open Click here to open a Word document of testimony that is a sample to get you started, already addressed to the Committee
2.       Save, and personalize Save the document on your own computer, and add in your personal experience! You’ll see prompts for this highlighted in yellow.
3.       Save as a PDF When you’re finished and ready, save the document as a PDF.
4.       Use your MyGA account on Monday! On Monday between 8 AM and 6 PM, go to and click on MyGA (tips for this are on our blog!)


Please note – the steps for submitting testimony on this bill will only be visible Monday between 8 AM and 6 PM.