“Evening in Annapolis” is back! Please join us!

Evening in Annapolis is happening Monday, February 12. We’re so excited to be able to gather in-person and advocate for child care! We look forward to seeing you, whether you’ve done this many times or this will be your first time.


Registration is important so the event organizers can prepare materials, dinner and be in touch with updates before the event! Please register for Evening in Annapolis here.

Activities begin at 4:00 PM and end at 8:00 PM. You’ll find an agenda at-a-glance here, as well as information about parking.

What should we bring?

  • Definitely bring your government-issued identification. This is required for entry to the buildings where Senators and Delegates do their work.
  • An idea from Joining Voices members: bring brief handwritten notes/letters from parents in your program talking about what the Child Care Scholarship means to them, and the experience their child is having in your program.
  • An idea from Joining Voices members: Let’s show legislators the strength in our numbers with a letter we can all sign, which the Child Resource Connect team will print and can be hand-delivered. Please watch for an email with this letter and instructions for including your name – whether you will be in Annapolis on the 12th or not!

What should we wear?

It is really important to be comfortable. We will find ourselves spending time inside (where it could be quite warm) and outside walking between buildings (where it could be quite cold). We’re going to meetings. Wear what you’d like to wear to a meeting. With comfortable shoes. 😊

What should we say in our meetings?

Event organizers will share suggested “talking points” we can use in meetings with Delegates and Senators and their staff. It will be important for you to help them understand. What story do you want them to hear about the state budget and investing in (and not cutting) Child Care Scholarship dollars? What do you want them to do and why should they do it?

Virtual Office Hours with the Joining Voices team

The Child Resource Connect team is holding optional, virtual “office hours” in preparation for Evening in Annapolis. Join us to:

  • Ask questions about the General Assembly, the state budget, or event details
  • Role play and practice meeting with a legislator
  • Make your appointment for a meeting in your Delegate and Senator’s office
  • Work together on your story behind what do you need legislators to do and who would be better off if legislators did what you’re asking for?

Office hours on Zoom will be from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Wednesday, February 7. If you have questions and we don’t know the answer, find out and report back! This hour will not include a presentation, and you do not need to register in advance. Stop by any time and stay a few minutes or stay the whole hour. Here is the Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82910625992?pwd=bsbEaPVcf6LCIQd0euZadip879h3d7.1

Teamwork when we get there on the 12th

Lots of us are a little “rusty” on navigating General Assembly office buildings and that part of Annapolis. Or, maybe this is your first time! We can help each other stick together in groups and, if you’d like a mentor or buddy, let us know and we will help connect you!