New: a proposal for monthly payments to child care providers in Maryland

Legislation has been introduced in the Maryland House and Senate calling for monthly payments to licensed child care providers who are willing and able to enroll children who receive a subsidy through the Child Care Scholarship Program (CCSP).

“Child Care Provider Stabilization Program – Established” is SB 873, led by Maryland State Senator Mary Washington and HB 868 led by Delegate Aletheia McCaskill.

The idea is the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) would determine the amount of each grant award for each month, and award funding monthly, as follows:

  1. $2,500 for an eligible child care provider that has enrolled children who receive CCSP subsidies as long as there is:
    1. One child enrolled during the immediately preceding month
    2. Two children enrolled during two of the last three months OR
    3. Four children enrolled during four of the last six months
  2. $300 for an eligible child care provider that does not meet the above enrollment requirements that month.

Funds could be used for:

  • Cleaning and food supplies that are used directly in the provision of child care;
  • Employee wages, including bonuses;
  • Offsetting expenses paid by subsidized and unsubsidized clients;
  • Promotional materials used to promote the child care provider’s program and curriculum; and
  • Any other expenses directly related to the provision of child care, including capital projects.

MSDE would be asked to develop application procedures and a process to award funds to eligible child care providers.

If the General Assembly approves this legislation and it becomes law, it would take effect in July 2023.

Here is the bill text for SB 873:

Share your story: how would this funding help you and your program?

SB 873 is scheduled for a hearing in the Education, Energy and Environment Committee on Wednesday, February 22.

Our community has an opportunity to submit written testimony in support of the ideas of this stabilization funding. Written testimony can be submitted using your My GA account on Tuesday, February 21 between 8 AM and 3 PM. Read here if you need a reminder on how to access or create your account.

Download a Word document that you can edit and send

Senators that represent Prince George’s County and Anne Arundel County are on this committee and will need to hear from you! Telling your story is a powerful way to help legislators understand how important it is to invest in child care and invest in you.