Update and more action: a proposal for monthly payments to child care providers in Maryland

Legislation has been introduced in the Maryland House and Senate calling for monthly payments to licensed child care providers who are willing and able to enroll children who receive a subsidy through the Child Care Scholarship Program (CCSP). Check out how it would work in last week’s blog

Share your story: how would this funding help you and your program? Testimony due Monday, Feb. 27!

HB 868 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, March 1!

Please submit written testimony about the importance of this investment in you, your staff and your program. Testimony can be submitted Monday, February 27 between 8 AM and 3 PM!

Here is a template you can use to easily add in your experience.

Did you submit testimony about SB 873? You can use the same stories, experiences and examples! Just check out this template, now addressed to the House Ways and Means Committee!

Delegates that represent Prince George’s County are on this committee and will need to hear from you! Telling your story is a powerful way to help legislators understand how important it is to invest in child care and invest in you.

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Senate action on February 22

Jennifer Iverson submitted written testimony in support of the Senate version of the stabilization grants bill, noting “We must continue to take steps to stabilize the child care sector and the well-being of people who work in child care, and we must also rebuild child care better than before. It makes strong communities for all of us, whether we have young children ourselves or not.” Read her testimony here.

Mary Beth Testa had the opportunity to testify on Zoom in support of the bill. She reminded the committee that early childhood educators are people – people who need to be healthy and well, compensated and supported, to show up every day. She spoke for just two minutes and you can check it out in this recording: http://bit.ly/41sBQSW (skip ahead to hour 2, minute 58 where they make the transition from witnesses in the room to witnesses who were virtual!)

We are so grateful to be in this teamwork with our community.

There is more action ahead! Thank you for submitting testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee on February 27!