Honor Her on Mother’s Day

Family Support Center Prince George’s (FSC) is a Child Resource Connect program. Our Family Support Center team conducted employment readiness sessions in which Yessica was a participant. Yessica was determined and motivated in becoming employed. She took the initiative to complete the application, and background check requirements all on her own. Yessica also participated in the Parent Leadership training which provided an even greater sense of confidence. She leveraged her experience in the Parent Leadership training to demonstrate that she was ready to fill a position at a child care center. Yessica reached her goal as she was hired full-time at the child care center!

Yessica wants to continue learning so she made schedule arrangements to continue attending ESL classes. This past fall she took the GED entrance test and passed with flying colors! She began her GED classes and continues her journey of learning and success.

Mother’s Day is May 12. At Child Resource Connect , we know the important role of mothers in the lives of our smallest community members. Sometimes it’s not a mother but a mother-like figure that is the strength and support of many. Reflect on a special woman in your life. Honor her by making a contribution this Mother’s Day to Child Resource Connect to celebrate your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or beloved friend. Your donation, large or small, will help the Resource Center continue to support special mothers like Yessica. In return, Child Resource Connect will send her a special card with a message letting her know that you made a contribution in her honor.

Yessica’s story shows how Child Resource Connect helps create healthy and nurturing environments for children by supporting their families and educating their caregivers. Each year, Child Resource Connect provides family support services to more than 1,500 families as well as child care training to more than 2,500 parents and child care professional.

 Make a donation today to honor a special person on Mother’s Day 

Child Resource Connect’s programs change lives daily by ensuring that:

  • Children have a secure bond with their parents and families;
  • Children grow up in homes free of abuse and neglect;
  • Families have access to high-quality child care programs;
  • Families have access to adequate housing, health care and nutrition; and
  • Children enter school ready to learn.

With your support we are able to help more moms like Yessica. Thank you for your generosity and partnership as we continue to change lives.