Adelphi/Langley Family Support Center

The Adelphi/Langley Park Family Support Center established in 1994 as a Family Support Center under the Maryland Family Network where families with children aged 0-4 are eligible for services at no cost, with transportation and child care provided. The program provides education, employment readiness and links to community services. Adult participants improve literacy skills, participate in Career Planning training and demonstrate understanding of positive and nurturing parenting techniques. Children improve cognitive and language abilities and enter school ready to learn. Emphasis remains on family literacy, parent/child activities. Adelphi/Langley Park Family Support Center serves an area of 10 square miles in the Adelphi/Langley Park area.

Services in this voluntary program include:

  • Adult Education/English as a Second Language
  • Employment Readiness
  • Parenting and Health Education
  • Child Development
  • Home Visiting
  • Information and Community Referrals

8908 Riggs Road
Adelphi, Maryland 20783

Contact: Danitza Simpson, 301.431.6210

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