Keeping Our Children Safe

I am currently spending some time in Annapolis advocating to increase the penalties for people providing unlicensed child care. I am just not sure why it is so hard to convince folks that quality early childhood education makes an enormous and life-changing positive impact. Licensed child care keeps children safe while offering higher quality care!

I do realize that reactions are often filtered by personal experience but I am losing patience with the argument that we don’t want to license grandma. NO ONE wants to license grandma. Check my previous blog, I am a grandma, I get it. But if your plumber needs a license to install your toilet, don’t our kids deserve a well-trained, licensed caregiver? Of course, none of that ever comes out of my mouth. I smile, listen and offer a few hopefully helpful comments. After my last trip to Annapolis I drove home feeling hopeful ….

What I saw next rocked me. There on tv was a news conference with county leaders obviously shaken by an unfolding horror of child abuse. On one hand I am proud that our leaders stood up, offering both compassion and resources while promising justice. On the other hand I continue to feel outrage that someone dared to damage children in so vile a manner.

So I will head back to Annapolis and try again. We all have an obligation to our children to keep them safe, happy, healthy and well-educated.