Marti’s Farewell Blog

This is my last week at the Resource Center. After giving three months’ notice I think people are starting to think, “Haven’t you left yet?” No, not quite yet. . . this three-month period has been a really busy time.

The Resource Center Board of Directors chose Jennifer Hoffman, Deputy Director, to fill the position of Executive Director. I think that is a wonderful selection. I may have started the Resource Center but I gladly hand it over to Jennifer. I know in her hands and with strong Board and staff support the organization will continue to thrive.

Jennifer and I have met with so many to personally talk about the changes, from funders to families. I appreciate all the nice sentiments, notes, lunches and parties. I do feel appreciated and that I made a difference. But even better, there is a shared sentiment that the organization will remain strong and continue to be a wonderful resource to families and child care providers. What more could I ask for?

So…while I may not miss the stresses and struggles that go with running a multi-million dollar organization, I will definitely miss you, the people that I love and have made the last 25 years so wonderful. Thank You!!!